Thursday, January 8, 2009

Spotlight: Joyce Washor, Small Oil and Watercolor Paintings

I've decided to take time on my blog to occasionally highlight a particular artist whose work I appreciate. It's my way of giving back to those who don't know me but have inspired me with their work and dedication to our craft.

Joyce Washor has a new painting up on her art blog simply titled, Flower Composition. First, I love the painting. Second, it's actually a mini-tutorial detailing her style of working. Washor wrote a book called Big Art, Small Canvas which details how to compose and produce postcard-sized paintings.

When you visit Joyce's website, you'll notice a few things. Joyce's paintings are 3"x4" in size. Though small, I think they are potent. She does an excellent job of bringing expression to her subjects with minimal strokes. Washor modulates form with a wonderful play of light and color. Her subjects include florals like Floral Arrangements, still lifes such as Still Life with Honey Jar and Sunflower and landscapes like Landscape Interiors with Steps.

Please take a moment, visit Joyce Washor's art blog and look at what she has contributed and continues to bring to the artist community at large. She has another website that includes About, Resume, Workshops and a few other sections. Enjoy!

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