Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spotlight: Tom Brown, plein air painter

Back in January, I posted my first artist spotlight by highlighting Joyce Washor and her wonderful work. This time around, I am choosing California plein air oil painter Tom Brown.

American impressionist and television host, Tom Brown also teaches "artists how to paint through oil painting workshops and art instruction CDs and DVDs." My experience from visiting his blog is that his primary subject is the landscape (which he encourages artists to record en plein air); however, on Tom's studio site you see still life done with equal aplomb. There's also an occasional figurative work as well, such as the playful A Little Bird Told Me.

Regarding his blog, Tom's paintings stand out well on the black background; rather glowing thanks to his deft handling of light and vibrant brushwork. Each work is often accompanied by an anecdotal listing of appropriate length. Tom's email address is listed under his work's associated information if you wish to purchase any of the pieces listed on his blog. He paints exclusively in oils. What I love about his oil paintings is his brushwork; so confident and expressive. But, you should expect that from a plein air painter, right? True, but it doesn't stop there.

His artwork has a freshness to it that I enjoy so much. So much so, that I purchased a painting from him in February! Tom Brown understands light and its affect upon his subject, as seen in another favorite of mine, Light Across the Water from March of 2009. In addition, he is a most adept draftsman as you'll see in the series of sketches, Palm Trees & Workshop Studies. These drawings are wonderful notans that capture a spontaneity consistent with Tom's paintings. I think you'll agree.

I encourage you to take a moment and visit Tom Brown's art blog and congratulate him on his contributions to the artist community. You leave refreshed and wanting to get outside and paint. Enjoy!

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